Supporting workplaces to respond to domestic violence

Is your organisation equipped to support employees experiencing domestic violence?

With our unique combination of expertise in domestic and family violence and employment and discrimination law, the Centre delivers training to managers and workplaces to improve responses to domestic violence and support employees.

Our training covers:

  • The role of employers, and the benefits of a workplace providing a good response to domestic violence;
  • An understanding of domestic violence;
  • Legal compliance and business risks for employers;
  • How to implement a best-practice workplace response; and
  • Confident and appropriate responses to disclosures.

We have successfully trained hundreds of managers in the ACT Public Service, receiving extremely positive feedback:

“People said the training was awesome and it was” 

“You created an amazing vibe to discuss a difficult topic. I felt very safe having these conversations in the training”

“It was really good training – lots of verbal interaction. I was glad you didn’t just stand up on your soap box, it felt like you were talking to us as one of us” 

“Best training I have ever been to” 

Our comprehensive training package is 3 hours, and can be delivered at your workplace. To book training for your organisation, or to find out more, please contact us.