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Centre staff recognised in national awards

Today is National Secretary’s Day, and our Senior Paralegal, Brodie Hart, was recognised by legal software firm Smokeball, as one of the nation’s top paralegals.

Brodie is the Manager of the Centre’s Advice and Intake Line, which is the primary public access point to specialist legal advice for women in Canberra. The Line operates Monday to Friday and receives hundreds of calls every month. Working with her small team, Brodie ensures these calls are answered with warmth and expertise and women are directed to the legal assistance and support they need.

Brodie’s leadership and the work of her team keeps our services accessible and responsive for clients and efficient and professional for staff and stakeholders. The result? We are able to assist more women every year.

Brodie’s citation as runner up in the National Secretary’s Day Awards is here below.

Brodie Hart – Women’s Legal Centre ACT

Brodie efficiently and capably manages the Intake Team for the Centre. The intake team is the first point of contact for women who are seeking support and often are escaping domestic and family violence.

The stories the Intake team hear day after day are harrowing. Brodie approaches this difficult task in a trauma-informed manner. She is calm, caring and appropriately directs the women to the best options of legal advice available to them.

Brodie’s ability to define the issues and extract clear instructions from our clients ensures the legal team can provide timely legal advice accurately and efficiently. Brodie also manages the Intake team with careful attention and ensures their welfare is always foremost.

The Intake Team is the engine room of the Centre. Without them, this valuable service for vulnerable women would grind to a halt. Brodie goes the extra mile and provides “the fuel” that ensures this engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

In addition to her relentless attention to the care of clients and her staff, Brodie is studying law full-time at the University of Canberra, which is remarkable given the rigours of her role at the Centre. Brodie grew up in a small country town and is the first person in her family to attend university.

The Centre is immensely proud of what Brodie has achieved and what her life experience has brought to our Centre. We are greatly enriched by having Brodie as a member of our team.